Coast Geological Society

Ventura, California

Muriel R. Norton 
25 years of service to CGS 

Muriel With Award
        Muriel represents a rare and exemplary spirit of service to both CGS and PSAAPG.  For over 30 years Muriel has been active in her profession as a Geologist and Geophysicist at Subsea Systems Corporation.  For 25 years she has with great care and humble dedication provided CGS support services to the monthly meetings that are the core of our CGS geology community.   Her unselfish efforts to provide essential hospitality and support services and food for over 250 monthly meetings and gatherings is unprecedented.

Awarded May 4th, 2015 by PSAAPG for their "Above and Beyond"  Award - A  Exemplary CGS Member    

Jon R. Schwalbach, Ph.D.
Honorary Life Membership 

Jon Schwalbach - Recipient
        Most of you know Jon for is contributions not only to CGS but a lifes work with PSAAPG.  Jon has held a number of leadership positions within CGS and PSAAPG over the years and it is this long and distinguished career that has contributed to the Life Membership Award. A history of geological excellence that covers much of the western US including Alaska.  Most all of his life devoted to better understanding of the sedimentary history associated with oil bearing deposits and basins across the western states.  His geological expertise has produced important resource discoveries  that have benefitted a number of petroleum producers, all by his efforts at better understanding the central coast's and central valley's important oil bearing sedimentary formations. Congrats Jon!
Awarded May 4th, 2015 by PSAAPG for "Honorary Life Membership in PSAAPG", A  Exemplary CGS Member