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Please Join CGS on Tuesday January 21st, 2020

Thom Davis, Ph.D., Geologic Maps Foundation, will present his talk:

Preview of Geologic Field Trip to Santa Cruz Island May 15-18, 2020 in conjunction with the Geological Society of America, Cordilleran Section Meeting, Pasadena, CA

Field trip leaders:Thomas L. Davis, Geologic Maps Foundation; Prof. Richard Behl, CSULB; and Prof. Katie O’Sullivan, CSUB; plus contributions from Sarah Raskin and Stephen Bryne.


Santa Cruz Island, isolated off Santa Barbara, is a remnant of pre-historic California. Field trip will visit outcrops and structures that highlight the island’s geology, and see picturesque and seldom accessible exposures of Tertiary and Mesozoic rocks. Stops will prompt discussions of the island’s role in the geologic evolution of southern California, its future research potential, and showcase its educational opportunities.

Field trip includes a new geologic guidebook with a detailed road log, numerous photos and figures, and topical notes covering a range of subjects from the tectonic evolution of the western North American plate boundary to late Quaternary terraces and sea-level changes. In addition, there are contributions by Sarah Raskin on the island’s unique flora and fauna and Stephen Bryne on the archaeology of the island’s pre-historic inhabitant’s use of the chert resource from the Monterey Formation.

Thomas L. Davis, Ph.D.

Thomas L. Davis is a California State registered geologist (#4171) and owner of Thomas L. Davis, Geologist. Much of Davis’ work deals with structural geology, field work and mapping, oil & gas exploration and field development that has focused on hydrocarbon basins in central and southern California, Nevada, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar (Burma), Colombia, Venezuela, and Mexico. Davis is also the founder and CEO of the nonprofit Geologic Maps Foundation, Inc. Education: BS-UCLA, PhD–UCSB.

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