Coast Geological Society

Ventura, California

CGS  is host to PSAAPG's 2015 Annual Convention

CGS & PSAAPG's Annual Regional Convention Hosting 

       Every 4-5 years CGS is choosen to host the prestigious annual convention of PSAAPG (Pacific Section of - American Association of Petroleum Geologists).  This year's CGS, in association with PSAAPG, hosted this major event at Mandalay Beach Resort & Convention Center, Oxnard, CA.  There were more than 600 attendees, a full program of continuing education, scientific papers , field trips, and awards presentations. It is a major undertaking for any organization.  CGS members exemplify the geologists motto, "work hard, play hard", and volunteered their time and labor to assure a very successful " Energy Wave"  meeting and convention.  Many of our members played mulitple and key roles during the convention to assure a successful and satisfying experience for all who attended.  Many thanks  to GCS  members for all your support for this very important event.    

       Below are some of the many events associated with the Wave convention.  Specific names of individules are not shown or recognizes as this was a truely group effort - and every CGS member who helped was important to it's overall success.  See if you can find yourself in one of these shots.  If you have some photos of the Wave field trips, we'd like to share those with our members. Please send them as attachment  (less than 10Mb ) to 

GET YOUR (Offical Wave) PROGRAMS !

      You can download the full offical "Catch the Energy Wave" program from here.  Take a look and you'll find out that a large majority of active CGS members played important and key rolls in the design, structure, and successful activities during the convention.  Take a look through the program and see which CGS members did what and when at the convention. Tie those CGS member names in the published program to the faces at the next CGS monthly meeting and you'll better understand the contributions so many made in helping make this a true success.  We'd also like to thank the many regional geotechnology and petroleum related business that contributed both monies and employees to assure the convention's success.  You'll find those businesses listed in the program as well and they can always use your patronage as well.