Coast Geological Society

Ventura, California

Awarded for Excellence in the Earth and Geological Sciences 
for Academic Year 2016-2017

Tom Bailey Scholarship Recipient
Anna Hilliard (scholarship recipeint) with Dr. Jeff Meyer (advisor) was awarded the Tom Bailey award. Anna recieved a Brunton compass in addition to scholarship funding.

John Woolley Scholarship Recipients
Ivan Luna - Ventura College
Dulce Rodriguez - Oxnard College
Dr. Roberta Harma (advisor) and Justin Borchert (scholarship recipient) - Moorpark College
Coast Geological Society Award
Maximillion Britt (scholarship recipient, left) and Dr. Bill Dinklage (advisor, right) from SBCC. Each year this CGS scholarship is awarded in memory of a different geologist that has made a siginifigant contribution to Southern California geology. This year, this scholarship was awarded in memory of Tom W. Redin. Tom had an amazing career and was part of the some of the earliest oil field discoveries in the Santa Barbara Channel. To read more about his impressive life, click HERE. 

Coast Geological Society - Butch Brown Award
Miguel Miguel
PSAAG & CGS - Gene Fritsche Award
Joella Campbell (Undergraduate) - CSUN
Ian Rutternberg (Graduate) - CSUN
Marit Wyatt (Undergraduate) - UCSB
Julie Zurbuchen (Graduate) - UCSB