Coast Geological Society

Ventura, California

Dr. Gene Fritsch - GEOTREK Leader
   Onsite learning without a leader to carry on the tradition 
      perhaps you'd like to lead a group? 

      The recent passing of Gene Fritsch puts in question the future of our CGS Geotreks.  A semi-annual event to raise monies for CGS while promoting a better understanding of local and regional geology. Gene put his heart and soul into making these semi-annual events being the "place to hike",  where learning and friendship grew as the trek made its way through our backcountry's geological points of interest.  We're hoping some of our retired and knowledgeable local geologists within the society will take up the mantle and challenge and carry on this very entertaining and rewarding effort, not only to raise funds for CGS but more importantly to bring better community understanding of our local and regional geological conditions, their history, and how these factors can affect their lives.   

        You can learn more about CGS's prior GEOTREKS and Dr.Gene Fritsch in the  Memorial section of this website. We will always be indebted to Gene for his dedication to Geology, Education and support of CGS.