Coast Geological Society

Ventura, California

2016 - 18th Annual Woolley Golf Tournament Sponsors
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Aera Energy operations are centered in California's San Joaquin Valley, where much of the company's heavy oil production comes from the oil fields of Kern County — the largest oil producing county in the nation. We also produce light oil from the area's complex diatomite formation.  Thanks to a combination of engineering, lean processes, data quality and innovation, we are able to boost the output of mature fields making Aera a leader in heavy oil reservoirs.

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Petrolog, Inc., Provides a wide range of computerized formation logging services.  We emply an exceptional gas chromatographic and gas monitoring system along with proven computerized methods. 

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WM Surveys, Inc. is a full service Land & Construction Survey Firm providing control & geographic positioning services throughout California.  Land and Sea Surveys’ records are now part of WM Surveys Inc.  Land and Sea Surveys has a long history in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles Counties.  These records are of Natural Resources, Oilfields and Land Boundaries beginning in the 1920's.

Krummrich Engineering Corporation (KEC). is a California corporation located in Ventura, CA, with satellite offices in Bakersfield, CA and Denver, CO, was formed in October 1998. KEC is an engineering/consulting company specializing in the management of upstream projects for the oil and gas industry. Drawing from decades of experience in management of oil and gas operations around the globe, the Krummrich team has the practical knowledge necessary to ensure each of our projects’ success.

Hopkins Groundwater Consultants, Inc. is a professional hydrogeological consulting company based in Ventura, California. The firm specializes in studies specifically related to the management, protection, and development of groundwater resources. Hopkins offers a wide range of hydrogeological services to meet the diverse water supply needs of municipal water purveyors. The company is a strong team with Hydrogeologist and Engineering Geologist qualifications who have local and statewide experience in well construction and groundwater supply planning projects.

Sinclair Well Products & Services is an international, full-service supplier of drilling products for Environmental, Foundation, Landfill, Geotechnical, Horizontal/Directional, Water Well, Geothermal, Mining, Oil & Gas industries. Sinclair was originally incorporated on November 25, 1987. The company began by servicing the oilfield and water well industries respectively. Through a network of distributors, drilling supplies, and technical services, they were able to expand into various other drill markets providing sales worldwide.

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Templeton Hill Beef  We offer Black Angus cattle room to roam on many open acres of grassland. We know where our animals have been every day of their lives. They are never given antibiotics or hormones and never see a feedlot. Our hands-on management involve careful monitoring of our herd and its grazing practice to make sure both pasture and animals benefit. We have a connection with our cattle and our land, and take great pride in the stewardship of both.

The Nuccio Family
The Nuccio Family - Family and friends of John and Margie Woolley 

The Nuccio Family
Mike Nelson - Senior Geoscientist at DCOR,LLC. Mike has over thirty years of experience in the California oil and gas industry.

The Nuccio Family
Fred Weiner, DDS. - Check out Dr. Weiner's practice on Yelp

CapRock Geology has offices in both Northern and Southern California. CapRock provides comprehensive consulting services to private and public sector clients throughout the Western United States. We have gained the confidence and trust of our clients as a result of our high quality work, responsiveness to client needs, and flexibility to meet demanding schedules. Cap Rock thoroughly evaluates each project, considering issues such as regulatory compliance, implementation feasibility, economics and long term liability. We are committed to providing the best possible solution to our client,s problems. Cap Rock has the knowledge and experience to expedite even the most complex projects, and to provide solid compliance support strategies.

2016 - 18th Annual Woolley Golf Tournament Donors
Lupine Ranch, LLC
Channel Islands Sportfishing Center
Island Packers Cruises
Juan Woolley Worm Tequila
Bonnie J. Walters - Astronomy
The Bunker Golf Center - Ventura
Elkins Ranch Golf Course

Golf Development Complex
Panero Brothers Winery
Brophy Bros. Restaurant
Surf Brewery
Winchesters Grill & Saloon 
Cronies Sports Grill

2016 - 18th Annual Woolley Golf Tournament Volunteers
Phil Kinney - Co-Chair
Mike Barminski - Co-Chair
Alastair Haddow
Bonnie Walters
Jenny Car Kinney
Roberta Harma
Adriano DeFreitas
Theresa Heirsberg