Coast Geological Society

Ventura, California

The WOOLLEY - The Golf Classic of CGS
This is a premier event of the Coast Geologcal  Society's scholarship fundraising and is now held on an annual basis in the  spring.  The Woolley has a long history of community participation, all in a tradition of giving and support for our region's young and upcoming geology students.   

John J. Woolley -  Student Scholarship Fund

Proceeds from the golf tournament benefit the Coast Geological Society’s John J. Woolley Student Scholarship Fund. This fund supports geology and earth science students in the Santa Barbara, Ventura, and western Los Angeles County areas, and is sponsored entirely by the Coast Geological Society. Scholarships, awards, and educational materials are given to community college through graduate-level students to further their education and contributions in the earth sciences.

John J. WoolleyTeacher Award

This award was established to recognize educators and undergraduate geology programs in order to support our local colleges and universities. Inspired by John Woolley’s contributions as a geology instructor at Oxnard Community College and a Field Trip Leader to his family’s beloved Santa Rosa Island, this award is given to assist teachers and their departments in bringing geology and earth science to the next generation of students. This award can be applied to school field trips, education materials, and other resources. The spirit of this award is to further an interest in geology through an inspired and enthusiastic teacher.


John J. Woolley

 John Woolley was a unique individual who believed in a great game that he shared with family and friends and helping others. 

    John Woolley    1952 – 1999

            Honoring avid golfer and geologist John Jefferson Woolley II, the Coast Geological Society are proud to hold the Annual John Woolley Golf Tournament and BBQ or "The Woolley".  This event allows the Coast Geological Society to provide scholarships to geology students and monetary awards to assist geology teachers.  Since the tournaments inception in 1999, the Coast Geological Society scholarships have increased in number and value due to the success of the event.  Each year, we hope to increase the scholarship fund and celebrate John's love of the game, which knew no bounds.


            John, a southern California native and a resident of Ventura for many years, was an enthusiastic geologist who enjoyed investigating and teaching about the wonders of our physical world.  He was a good, honest man, a kind, gentle and loving husband, a wonderful father, son, and brother.  His friends were very important to him, as he considered them to be an integral part of his life. 


John enjoyed sharing his vast knowledge of California's geology with colleagues, students, and friends.  John worked in oil and gas exploration Sun, Venoco, and others and also taught introductory geology at Oxnard Community College.  He was also a respected authority on the history and geology of Santa Rosa Island where his family had ranched for generations.  John led many an expedition to study the island and share its incredible beauty.  In a career milestone, John mapped the island with Tom Dibblee and Helmut Ehrenspeck for the Dibblee Geological Foundation’s 1998 geologic map publication. 


John's geologic expertise was matched by his ability to read a golf course and negotiate the little, white ball around it.  He was a sought after partner and could always be relied upon for both sage advice and a critical shot.  John had a pure swing that did justice to his uncomplicated approach to life.  He could remember every hole, every shot, every score, every game that he played as well as the scores of his foursome, which frequently included his wife, Margie, son James, and daughter Kate.  For 21 years he hosted friends and family at the Satchel Paige Invitational Golf Tournament in Monterey, CA.  In 2017, the Satchel Paige Invitational participants celebrated the tournament’s 40th Anniversary.